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The no-skill blackjack trick still wins!

Most Blackjack players assume that the more money you want to win, the more cards you will need, as this is one of the casino games with the least chance of winning. So, the “dreamer” has no chance of winning, or what? In this article, we will give some tips on how to safely play Blackjack without resorting to any card counting technique.

Blackjack techniques

Blackjack is the simplest genre in the black and red world. Two or more cards are enough and you can get a pretty big bonus. Depending on your playing tricks, you will receive the desired score. Join us for a little about the blackjack scoring experience.

The gameplay is very simple. Number 21 is the highest score. In addition to Lin (5 cards, total less than 21), Strongman (one with a picture and card A) or two A cards are considered 21 points more.

The gameplay is simple to understand and easy to play, but in order to win, you need to give yourself a few simple tricks. When dealing, if you get 18 or 20, you shouldn’t take the next card, because 18-20 points have a 60-90 win rate.

When you have 16-17 points, you really do not understand whether it is worth drawing or not, so you should watch the player in front of you.If you see that they take 1 card, and then they do not take any more, then I advise you not to draw because the chances of winning the Tai (big card) card are very high, when you see them drawing 2-3 cards in a row, you should keep drawing as you are sure that they have already drawn the small card, so the chances for the next small card will be high. Usually big cards stick together and small cards can be, so you’ll learn this rule that applies to games with a win rate of around 65%.

If you have 12-15 points or less, be sure to draw more cards, as there are not enough points on the floor (except for 15 points at the dealer), with such card points you need to rely very much on luck when you draw the first card and then continue calculate.

When 3-10 points, it is very convenient for you to take the first card, if you hit the “Tai” card (large card) and you already have 15-16 points, you should think carefully whether to take again or not. If you take a small card and your points do not hit the floor, you must take the next card, but still a small frame, with 3 such cards but your score is still between 17-18, then you should think before making a decision, and if 14- 16 points, then you have to take five “5 animals” 50-50, because you drew all the small cards earlier, also the next card can remain small.

In addition, there are several things you need to pay attention to to make the game more engaging.

First: you need to use “psychological warfare”

One of the charms of blackjack is the player’s ability to use psychological warfare. Thanks to dexterity, ingenuity, assertiveness, and sometimes a little recklessness in scoring and playing cards, gamers have a fairly high probability of winning – about 78%.

Second: you need to carefully understand the rules of the opponent’s game

As his opponent, how many cards he has drawn, must have a logical deductive judgment, There are 52 cards in the deck, what are the chances of getting a good card, In the one that you play a lot and try to look more, you gain experience, From there you come up with the most reasonable strategy, to see if you can draw the next card (when your card is old enough to reveal, of course) or reveal your opponent’s card.

Third: calculate each card

Based on the order of six sets: blackjack, five spirits, old enough, invigorating, scrabble, you can calculate the highest percentage of drawn cards by looking at the cards that your opponent receives in order to work out the sharpest and most effective strategy to win.

4th: remember the cards from the previous game.

When collecting cards from the previous game, try to remember the nearest cards of the cards that you raised, For example, in the house opposite there are 3 spades and a dragonfly, In the next game you have Q and 3, If you dropped 3 spades, it is better not to pull anymore, Since the probability of hitting 7 hearts and dress cards, the flying card is very high.

A quick and flexible combination of four ways on the table can be the master of blackjack.

Blackjack is a pretty cool entertainment bet when it combines psychoanalysis and computational analysis perfectly. For professional players, they went through an extremely difficult process, requiring both tears and money to try and cultivate.

It’s best for casual players to know where to stop while playing, and of course, the irreplaceable ability to observe and have a strong mentality. So not only in the game, but in life, you all have unexpected advantages!

Good luck !